6 Recommendations on How to Complete a Master’s Dissertation Properly

You have probably stumbled upon a number of different methods or techniques for completing a master’s level dissertation. You have probably even read and followed a few of those. But for some reason you find yourself reading this article in search of even more help in finishing your work properly. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Write the Sections of Your Dissertation in the Order that Works Best for You
  2. There is nothing in the rule book saying you have to start with the introduction and end with the conclusion when writing your drafts. Write whichever section suits you and the rest will fall into place as you go.

  3. Establish a Hard Goal in Which You Write for a Set Amount of Hours Each Day
  4. This is a tough one but you have to put in the effort to get a set amount of hard-writing hours in on each work day. Some people recommend a page count but setting an hourly goal is much more effective.

  5. If You Find a Poor Excuse to Miss Your Goal, Double the Amount the Next Day
  6. Some unexpected responsibilities might come up preventing you from hitting your daily writing goal. But if you don’t have a good excuse you better make sure you double your original amount the following day.

  7. Begin Making Your Revisions, Edits and Proofreads Throughout the Process
  8. The common advice is to write a first draft completely before you start with your revisions, edits, and proofreads. But with a document of this length, you would be better off to get some of this started as you go, thus making the later stages much easier to get through.

  9. Develop a Healthy Eating and Sleeping Plan So You Can Maintain Your Energy
  10. This is certainly advice you have heard most of your life, but have never really heeded in full. Poor eating and sleeping habits can negatively affect your productivity. And you can’t afford to lose any amount of energy if you want to complete a great dissertation.

  11. Never Miss Scheduled Days Off, They are Just as Important for Mental Focus
  12. Finally, be sure that you never miss a scheduled day off from writing. Time away from the dissertation is important to give your mind a break so that you can work more efficiently when you return.